Magali Perquin’s expertise is focusing on risk factors of ageing-related pathologies. Throughout her career, she has been involved in (molecular) epidemiological surveys of chronic diseases. Her current main scientific interest is to investigate the processes of cognitive decline during ageing and associated biological conditions. Exploring the determinants of cognitive health, she is devoted to the understanding of the modulation of the occurrence of cognitive impairment with respect to cognitive reserve.

• MemoLingua project
She initiated MemoLingua project to explain how multilingualism can delay onset of cognitive impairment, developing a new neuroimaging approach in collaboration with Jülich ForschungZentrum (Germany).

•  National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s disease (NCER-PD)
She is involved in the second phase of the NCER-PD headed by Prof. Rejko Krüger, MD, PhD.

• CoDeep study
She conducts CoDeep, a study which is analysing the link between cognition, depression and sleep among older adults.

• Neuropred project
She participates to Neuropred project headed by Gloria Aguayo, MD, PhD.

Other activities

• Member of the SHARE-Luxembourg Steering Committee, LISER
SHARE - Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

• Member of the working group 1.1. of the Dementia plan of Luxembourg

• Teaching activity on Epidemiology & Implementation and conduct of epidemiological studies


• Neuro-Epidemiology, 

• Dementia, 

• Cognitive reserve & Cognitive impairment, 

• Diabetes, 

• Osteoporosis,

• Breast Cancer epidemiology & Oxidative stress.


Magali Perquin

‘Cognitive reserve is a brain resource developed
by lifelong challenging cognitive activities’, explains
Magali Perquin, PhD. ‘People with a high education
level or those who practice several languages have a
higher cognitive reserve. In Luxembourg
the native population is multilingual,
as the country has three official languages that are
taught at school from the youngest age and intensively
used in daily life.’

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